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Aims and Objectives

Aim One

To provide a range of culturally responsive services for people of African and Caribbean descent who are affected by mental ill health, and the wider community promoting sustainable recovery and wellbeing.

We will provide:

  • Practical support: supporting daily living skills and signposting to relevant services,
  • Emotional support: helping people to develop emotional resilience,
  • Social support: reducing social isolation, forming friendships and increasing social, kinship and community networks,
  • Training and skills development, increasing employment potential.

Aim Two

To actively encourage and involve people who use our services within the organisation.

We will:

  • Enable a range of opportunities for people who use our services to participate in strategic and operational planning and decision making,
  • Facilitate the collection and use of user satisfaction data using appropriate methods.

Aim Three

Work in partnerships with local, regional and national organisations to effect change in policy and respond to community needs.

We will:

  • Actively seek opportunities to work in partnership with external organisations,
  • Work with others to influence policy change to achieve equitable mental health services for people of African and Caribbean descent.

Aim Four

Ensure the organisation focusses on achieving resilience and sustainability, and conducts good governance, using measurable tools to achieve quality outcomes.

We will:

  • Ensure good governance through effective policies and procedures, effective strategic planning processes and ensuring a skilled, committed and balanced board.
  • Maintain our premises at Boulton Road and explore opportunities to secure premises owned by SACMHF.
  • Implement and maintain a quality management system.
  • Develop and implement a financial sustainability strategy

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